Carlsbad International School

Slovenská 477 477/5, Karlovy Vary, 36001
+420 351 184 100

We commit ourselves to helping each student in their journey to reaching their full potential, providing opportunities for life-long learning, inspiring academic success, developing inquiring minds, and growing our students as positive members of our local and global communities, demonstrating acceptance, tolerance and compassion for all.

Our vision is to produce fine young men and women who are highly prepared for post-graduate education and, most importantly, ready to become positive and productive leaders in today's global society.

We believe every student has a large part to play in his or her education.

We do not just give our students facts and figures 'on a plate'. Our students learn how to learn through problem solving, active contemplation and practical activity. We teach them to think, reason, debate, investigate and inquire.

We teach using a blended program of teacher-led learning and self-directed learning. Our teachers inspire and stretch their students, helping them to achieve their potential. When students are involved in self-directed learning online their teachers are still involved, available to mentor, encourage and supervise them.

Each student's day is structured around classes where teachers use innovative teaching methods to communicate fact, theory and ideas, leading to understanding and knowledge.

Alongside teacher-led learning, our students develop skills in managing their own education and development (just as they will have to do at University and in later life) through our blended-learning program, participating in award-winning online modules supervised by our expert staff.

This innovative blend of traditional teaching and modern learning methods, tools and techniques suits all students, whatever their aptitude and learning style.

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